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Exercise! It Might Save Your Life

Exercise! It Might Save Your Life

Exercise is just another word for moving around. Sadly, today both adults and children don’t do it enough to maintain a healthy body and mind. We spend time in front of computers, slouched over. We move from the house to the car to school-taking precious few steps a day.

The truth is studies show exercising can actually give us more energy to make it through the day. Physical activity is also known to help manage stress and anxiety to help keep our minds in check too. Exercise comes with plenty of benefits for people of all ages.

FOR ADULTS. Exercise doesn’t have to be a drag. Every person can find some form of physical activity that feels good and wards off weight gain, whether it’s a daily walk, strength training at the gym, an exercise video or a heart-pumping bike ride. It’s worth it because:

1. Exercise makes hearts healthier and reduces cardiovascular risks like high blood pressure.
2. A stronger body moves easier through the day, making us less dependent on others and more confident in what we can handle and achieve.
3. Finding an ideal weight can boost confidence about appearance and change how we interact with others.
4. Weight-bearing exercise promotes bone density and especially protects women against osteoporosis.
5. Exercise can “solve” lots of annoying health issues ranging from poor sleep and posture to bad digestion and low-back pain.

FOR KIDS. Play is really exercise in disguise. Kids are designed to run and jump-not sit in front of video games. They need to get their wiggles out. They need to engage with other children in physical ways. They need to develop gross motor skills and stamina as they grow.

1. Riding bikes, playing tag, making it to soccer practice are all way kids can get the exercise they need to develop stronger bones and muscles.
2. Kids who exercise daily sleep better. Their brains work better at school, and they’re more capable of handling everyday physical challenges like running to catch the bus.
3. With a leaner body and less body fat from exercising and eating properly, kids are less likely to become overweight and develop Type 2 diabetes.

Don’t forget strength training and building muscle is just as important as aerobic exercise.  Maybe more important.  Increased muscle mass helps you burn fat and helps protect your body from physical insults and injuries.  For example, football players strengthen and increase muscle mass in the neck and head to decrease the potential for severe concussion.

The data are indisputable. Exercise in some form is crucial to our well-being. A bonus effect is you are alert, and therefore more safe in everything you do, and you are fit and better able to bounce back from accidental injuries.  Challenge yourself to get started on a fitness program today.

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