Experienced Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

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Motorcycle accident litigation is a lot more complicated and difficult than you might think.  So, if you are involved in a motorcycle accident, especially one involving serious injuries, you need a lawyer who is experienced in handling motorcycle accidents.  You also need a lawyer who likes motorcycles.  One thing that sets motorcycle accident victims apart is that there is a certain and significant population of folks who just don’t like motorcycles, or the people who ride them.  When evaluating an accident victim’s case, it is important to know and be able to identify that population of prejudiced potential jurors.  It is even more important to be capable and experienced at convincing a judge to exclude them from jury duty on a motorcycle case.  Another complicating feature of motorcycle accident cases is the variety of different possible insurance coverages that may apply to maximize cyclist’s settlement or monetary award.  There are different kinds of motorcycle accident insurance available today depending on a variety of factors, like whether the motorcyclist promises to wear a helmet or not when applying for the coverage.  There is uninsured motorist coverage that may apply which requires an intimate and detailed knowledge of automobile insurance law.  When the motorcyclist is visiting from another state, that state’s insurance laws may apply, complicating matters even further.

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