Floridas Dangerous Interstate Highways

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Get nervous on the Interstate Highways when traveling in Florida?  You’re not alone.  And you have reason to be nervous.  A local Orlando television station recently reported some sordid statistics based on a review of data from the Florida Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles.  The deadliest stretch was Interstate 4 in Seminole County.  Review more data from this summary of that study by WKMG.  According to the Florida Department of Transportation almost 282,000 crashes occurred statewide in 2012 alone.

Be careful on interstate highways.  The most common recklessness we see is speed.  It seems almost everyone thinks it is okay to speed on interstate highways.  You can be traveling at 75 mph and people pass you like you’re sitting still.  Once there was a highway safety campaign that with a very simple slogan:  Speed Kills.  It was true then,  It is true now.  Slow down.  It gives you more reaction time to respond to sudden hazards, to reckless drivers changing lanes unexpectedly, and to sudden catastrophe’s like tire blowouts and other crashes.

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