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Should I Hire a Construction Accident Lawyer? | Colling Gilbert Wright

How Can a Construction Accident Law Firm Help?

If you work in construction, getting hurt often means being unable to do your job. Your bills can add up quickly; and, if you don’t get the treatment you need, you can face unnecessary complications for months, years, or even the rest of your life. Fortunately, an Orlando construction accident law firm can help you.

The Orlando workers’ compensation lawyers at Colling Gilbert Wright help injured workers in a wide range of industries, including construction. If you were injured on a construction site, contact our office promptly to learn about your rights and legal options.

7 Ways a Construction Accident Law Firm Can Help 

How can a construction accident law firm help? Here are seven of the most important ways: 

1. Determining if You are Eligible for Workers’ Compensation

When you get hurt on the job, one of the first things you need to know is whether you are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. While Florida law requires all construction companies to provide workers’ compensation coverage, (i) some workers don’t qualify because they are “independent contractors” instead of “employees,” and (ii) some construction companies don’t comply with the law. 

If you are eligible for workers’ compensation, you will need to take all of the steps that are necessary to collect benefits. If you are not eligible, you will need to determine what other options you have available. In either case, you will need an experienced construction accident law firm on your side. 

2. Determining if You Have a Claim Outside of Workers’ Compensation 

Regardless of whether you are eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits, you could also have a claim outside of workers’ comp. For example, if you slipped and fell, you could have a claim against the owner of the property. Or, if you got hurt when a tool malfunctioned, you could have a claim against the tool’s manufacturer. 

If you have one of these claims, you may be entitled to compensation above and beyond the benefits available through workers’ comp. To find out, you will need a construction accident law firm to investigate right away. 

3. Calculating Your Benefits, Damages, or Both 

When you file for workers’ compensation, it is up to you to make sure you are seeking the maximum benefits available. Likewise, if you have a claim outside of workers’ comp, you will need to accurately calculate the damages you are entitled to recover. An Orlando construction accident law firm can make sure you don’t unknowingly settle for less than you deserve

4. Helping You Protect Your Legal Rights 

Under Florida law, there are several steps construction workers need to take to secure workers’ compensation benefits. If you do not take all of these steps, you could end up without the benefits you deserve. Some examples of the steps you need to take include:

  • Accurately reporting the time, location, and nature of the accident (you must do this within 30 days)
  • Promptly seeking medical attention from an approved doctor
  • Making sure you understand your diagnosis and what you need to do while you recover

There are several complicated steps involved in pursuing a claim outside of workers’ compensation as well. A construction accident law firm can take many of these steps for you, and it can guide you through the steps you need to take on your own. 

5. Helping You Avoid Costly Mistakes

In addition to taking all of the steps required to assert your legal rights, you also need to avoid some costly mistakes. Making mistakes is among the most common reasons why injured construction workers fail to collect the financial compensation they deserve. When you contact a construction accident law firm for a free consultation, a lawyer will explain what not to do as you move forward. 

6. Negotiating for a Lump Sum Settlement (if Appropriate) 

If you have a workers’ compensation claim, it may be in your best interests to seek a lump sum settlement. This lets you know exactly how much you will take home, and it avoids the risk of your benefits ending prematurely. 

On the other hand, if it isn’t clear how much your injury is going to cost you, then a lump sum settlement might not be your best option. An Orlando construction accident law firm can help you decide whether to seek a settlement; and, if it makes sense to settle your claim, your law firm can negotiate for a fair settlement on your behalf. 

7. Making Sure Your Employer and the Insurance Companies Don’t Take Advantage of You

Unfortunately, your employer and the insurance companies may try to take advantage of you. Companies focus on protecting their bottom line, and they do so without regard to the consequences for injured workers. An Orlando construction accident law firm can make sure you don’t fall victim to unfair and deceptive claim tactics while helping you through the recovery process step-by-step. 

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