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Hurricane Matthew Victims Need to Be Wary of Denied or Delayed Insurance Claims

Hurricane Matthew Victims Need to Be Wary of Denied or Delayed Insurance Claims

Hurricane Matthew Victims Need to Be Wary of Denied or Delayed Insurance ClaimsHurricane Matthew moved through Central Florida over the weekend, leaving plenty of death and destruction in his wake. So far, 22 Americans have lost their lives, half of which occurred in North Carolina where the brunt of the storm hit. Thousands are still without power in Florida as the state scrambles to help those stuck in areas where the storm caused the most damage—Volusia and Flagler counties.

The danger of Hurricane Matthew has mostly passed. Now, we are left to piece back together our quality of life. Countless insurance claims need to be filed, and hurricane victims should be wary when dealing with their insurance providers. Natural disasters often bring communities together, but insurance companies worry more about their bottom line than honoring contracts with those affected by the storm.

Insurance policies are required by Florida Law to cover hurricane damage caused by high winds, but providers often act in bad faith and attempt to discredit incoming insurance claims after hurricanes. Back when Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy hit our coasts, many insurance companies took advantage of the natural disasters by denying or delaying valid insurance claims. Sometimes offering pennies on the dollar for homeowners to rebuild or denying coverage for business income losses. In some cases, insurance providers completely refused to honor their agreements.

Our attorneys in Orlando have decades of experience dealing with insurance companies. We can fight for you during this difficult time. We know the deceptive strategies these providers employ and can make sure you’re given the full amount of compensation you’re owed.

Our thoughts are with those affected by Hurricane Matthew. We hope you and your family members and friends are safely out of harm.

If your property was damaged due to the 100 mph winds of Hurricane Matthew, please call our attorneys in Orlando today at (407) 712-7300 to schedule your FREE consultation. Colling Gilbert Wright serve clients throughout Florida and nationwide.

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