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The laws applicable to motorcycle accidents in Florida are very different from those in other states and those that apply to car on car accidents.  For example, no fault laws don’t apply.  This means that no permanent injury is required to recover for pain and suffering of the motorcyclist, and standard personal injury protection benefits covering up to $ 10,000 in medical bills and wage loss is not available.  Motorcyclists in Florida are not legally required to wear helmets if they meet certain insurance requirements, and even if they don’t, not wearing a helmet doesn’t bar the motorcyclist from recovering for injuries when the other driver is at fault.

In order to represent a motorcyclist in an accident case, the lawyer needs to be experienced in handling motorcycle accident cases and knowledgeable about Florida’s specific traffic and insurance laws that apply to motorcyclists.  Our lawyers all have substantial experience in handling motorcycle accident cases.  If you or a loved one has been involved in a motorcycle accident, contact us now for a free legal consultation.  It costs nothing to learn about your legal rights.