Memorial Day Weekend Pool Safety Tips

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Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend with friends and family!  Often, fun by the pool plays a big role in celebrating this weekend.  Remember to enjoy your pool safely so that a wonderful weekend doesn’t turn tragic.  Here are some pool safety tips:

  • Keep the pool attended by an adult at all times.  Don’t leave children of any age swimming unsupervised.
  • Always swim with a buddy.  It is risky for anyone of any age to swim alone.
  • No running or rough play on the pool deck or in the pool.  Head injuries or temporary unconsciousness in the pool can quickly become a fatal event.
  • Keep a phone nearby so that emergency services can be summoned promptly in the case of an accident.
  • If at all possible, have someone who knows CPR at the poolside.  If friends are over, find out who knows CPR, just in case.

Enjoy a safe Memorial Day Weekend!