New Trucking Regulations To Prevent Driver Fatigue

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New regulations proposed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) are designed to prevent a common cause of fatal trucking accidents, driver fatigue. The FMCSA proposes to reduce the number of hours a trucker can drive during every fourteen (14) hour shift from eleven (11) to ten (10) hours of driving. The new regulations would also require truckers to take a one hour break during long work shifts that include loading and unloading their cargo and to take more time off between seven (7) day stretches of road work.

Last year, the agency approved a rule that would require truckers who have a history of repeat violations of the driving hours limits to install electronic devices that would replace easily doctored paper log books. Another rule being proposed would require all truckers to have electronic recorders, whether or not they had a history of driving excessive hours or falsifying their log books.

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