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Resolve To Be Healthy In 2011

Resolve To Be Healthy In 2011

The cost of health care for major illnesses and diseases forces untold numbers of Americans into gigantic debt and even bankruptcy every year. This is true whether the victims happen to have health insurance or not. The only thing you can do to avoid disaster is do your best to maintain your own personal health and encourage your family members to do the same. So, if you want to choose a New Year’s resolution, choose this one: Resolve to Be Healthy.

A healthy lifestyle can not only avoid pain and suffering associated with major illnesses or diseases, like heat disease, obesity, and diabetes. It can also save your family money and even stave off bankruptcy. So commit to a healthier lifestyle and follow tips like these:

  1. Get an annual check from your internist, and for women, from your gynecologist. Regular bloodwork and physical examninations for early diagnosis of common ailments like breast cancer, prostate cancer, and blocked arteries, are imperative to maintaining good health, quality of life and longevity. Don’t neglect yearly exams.
  2. Get active. Get your exercise by choosing one or more aerobic activities to perform at least 3 times per week.
  3. Don’t neglect your muscles. Strength train two or three times per week with weights. Muscles burn excess fat and maintain health joints and muscles, as well as a sharp mind.
  4. Drink plenty of water. You should drink at least 8 glasses of water per day to flush your system of impurities and hydrate your body.
  5. Eat plenty of fiber, fruits and vegetables. Studies are clear that healthy diets full of fiber are good for your heart and help prevent some kinds of cancer.
  6. Eat less meats. Americans get more meats than necessary. Too much meat isn’t healthy.
  7. Quit smoking.
  8. Quit drinking alcohol or drink very moderately.
  9. Get plenty of sleep – at least 8 hours per night.
  10. Watch your calories. Studies increasingly suggest lower calorie diets lead to longer life.

Finally, reduce your stress level. How? Remember what’s important and make time for those important things; like spending time with your family-hugs and kisses make your healthy. Remember to take the time to hug your loved ones often. Also, find a purpose to drive your life – a personal spiritual passion. It may be your church, a favorite charity, gardening, volunteering at your school or a local nursing home, etc. But find a purpose or passion so you don’t feel as if you’re on a never ending treadmill to just pay the bills. Life is really about helping others, and studies show that helping others makes you happy, reduces stress, and makes you healthier, mentally and physically.

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