Seffner Man Fined For Long-Term Use of Cellphone Jammer

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A Seffner man spent nearly two years driving with a cellphone jammer in his car during his morning and evening commutes along I-4 in Hillsborough County. He was fined $48,000 by the Federal Communications Commission after being caught.

Cellphone jammers are illegal in the US. The man had disrupted communications along the route, including wireless devices used by emergency personnel in the area. Colling Gilbert Wright & Carter’s Orlando personal injury attorneys know that using a cellphone while driving can be dangerous, but it’s crucial everyone follow the law.

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The cellphone company Metro FCS noticed disruptions to their cell tower along the highway during the morning and evening commutes. They notified the FCC, who used advanced technology to discover significant transmissions emanating from the man’s highlander.

Police stopped the car, searched it and found the jammer.

While Florida law bans texting while driving it does not do the same for phone conversations. Talking on the cellphone greatly increases the chances of an auto accident. However, our personal injury attorneys always emphasize the importance of respect for the law.

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