Serious Motorcycle Accident Compounded by Medical Error

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For one man and his family, the serious motorcycle accident that left him an amputee was just the beginning of their ordeal. After undergoing surgery to amputate his left leg and remove his spleen, the victim was on the path to recovery and was scheduled to be released from the hospital following one more routine MRI. Unfortunately, a prescription drug error caused his heart to stop and left him in a coma.

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This man’s life was certainly changed forever by his accident, but his prospects for leading a productive life were good until that medical malpractice error left him a quadriplegic, unable to speak or take care of himself. His mother was forced to leave her job in order to care for him. Motorcycle accidents often have serious consequences, leaving riders with life-altering injuries, but when medical malpractice is added to the situation, the results are tragic.

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