Speeding Police Make Florida Roads More Dangerous

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A three part series of articles in the Sun Sentinel revealed that over 20 people in Florida have been killed or maimed by speeding police in the past seven years.The reporters were also able to get data from police car transponders, which revealed that over 800 police from various agencies in the state regularly drove between 90 and 130 mph, regardless of if they were responding to a call or simply driving home from work.The Sun Sentinel report (you can read the three part series here) suggests that there is a widespread attitude among law enforcement officers that they can get away with such dangerous driving habits. Worse, there has been a disturbing lack of reasonable punishment for the officers whose dangerous driving has left people injured or dead. Colling Gilbert Wright & Carter have successfully represented individuals and families injured by police ignoring the rules of the road. Attorney Nathan Carter was interviewed by the Sun-Sentinel for this series. We hope that these articles bring the attention needed to this issue, and that police agencies around our state begin disciplining the officers who are making our roads dangerous with habitual and reckless speeding. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident that you feel was caused by the unsafe speeds or reckless driving of a law enforcement officer, contact Colling Gilbert Wright & Carter for a free consultation.