Teen Driving

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Rider Restrictions to Consider

There’s nothing more exciting for a teenager-and scary for a parent-than a driver’s license. But while this rite of passage brings both exciting freedoms and transportation trepidation, both parties ultimately have one goal: keeping young adults safe on the road.

To increase awareness and hold teens accountable for driving safely, many states have instituted Graduated Driver Licensing (GLD) laws. These rules help new drivers develop key skills while adhering to important restrictions during the crucial first years of driving. Violating these restrictions not only puts teens at risk for accidents and injuries, but can lead to hefty fines, community service and loss of a license. Keeping our kids safe and community safe is paramount. The good news is, since the program started in 2002, teen motor fatalities have decreased significantly across the country.

Who Can Ride

One of the more confusing elements for new drivers is who exactly is allowed to ride in the car within the first year or years of becoming a licensed driver. While these laws are updated and should be checked when you find yourself in the “new driver” situation, some universal passenger restrictions typically apply to the following areas:

Learner’s permit
First six months of holding a license
Second six months of holding a license
Seat assignments

For more specific restrictions, laws governing new drivers and resources for making your teen a safe and responsible citizen, check out new-driver rules on our state transportation website.

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