Uncertain Future For Victims Of Tainted Steroids

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According to infectious disease specialists, the victims of the tainted steroids face an uncertain future in their quest to determine whether they are infected and, if so, in their journey back to good health. Many have died, and the others are undergoing rigorous and painful testing like spinal taps. An infectious disease doctor from Vanderbilt University has said that treatments, including intravenous anti-fungal medicines, are tricky to use because they are themselves toxic. Treating physicians have to walk a tightrope with those anti-fungal medications, trying to accomplish a positive therapeutic effect without harming organs, like the kidneys and liver. Specialists say early treatment is extremely important in achieving the best possibility of a good outcome.

So if you are one of the folks who believe you may have been injected with these tainted steroids, it is better to be safe than sorry. Even if your symptoms are mild, go immediately to a doctor or emergency room and get evaluated. And don’t let the passage of time cause you to let your guard down. Experts are unable to reach a consensus opinion on the incubation period of this fungal infection, so they cannot tell potential victims who have had no symptoms or who have tested negative when they can breathe easy.

CGWC already represents almost 20 victims of this tragedy already and is receiving calls and emails regularly from new victims seeking legal help. If you think you may have been a victim of these contaminated steroids, it is better to be safe than sorry on your legal rights, too. Contact us for a free consultation.