10 Dead and Many Injured After I-75 Auto Accidents

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In the wee hours this Sunday morning, a disaster unfolded on a stretch of I-75 just south of Gainesville. A brush fire had begun burning on Saturday afternoon in Paines Prairie Reserve, and consumed approximately 60 acres. The smoke from the brush fires settled into low-lying areas, including the stretch of I-75 that runs through the prairie lands between Micanopy and Gainesville. As midnight passed, the early morning fog began to combine with the smoke from the brush fire, and resulted in conditions of near-zero visibility. According to this morning’s Gainesville Sun article, Florida Highway Patrol had closed the affected stretch of I-75 sometime around midnight. Sometime around 3 am, the FHP “assessed” the conditions and decided to re-open the highway. Less than an hour later, over 20 were injured and 10 people were left dead, after what many veteran law enforcement officials called the worst traffic accident of their careers. The fog and smoke had combined by that time to create horrible driving conditions, and survivors reported that it was like driving into a wall, beyond which all visibility disappeared. The crashes left a stretch of northbound and southbound I-75 littered with wreckage, as approximately 20 semi trucks, cars and SUVs piled into each other in the smoke and fog.

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