National Tire Safety Month

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At Colling Gilbert Wright & Carter, our Orlando personal injury lawyers are always concerned with automobile safety. That’s why we’re observing National Tire Safety Month. Sound tires are crucial for a safe ride.

Indeed, worn tires are among the most common causes of car accidents. This is especially important when driving in the Florida summer, as frequent rain showers can leave roads slick and dangerous.

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Keep a close eye on your tires, and make sure they’re always in good shape when you go for a drive, especially if you’ll be on the road for a long time. The “penny test” is a useful way of gauging the quality of your tire’s treads. If you push a penny into the treads head first and you’re unable to see President Lincoln’s face, your tires are dangerously worn.

A tire gauge will also help you check the air pressure in your tires. Over or under-inflated tires are at danger of failing at a crucial moment.

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